El Viajero Hostel Salento Colombia
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El Viajero Hostel in Salento Colombia

El Viajero Hostel in Salento Colombia is to this day one of my favorite hostel experiences and one I think everyone would enjoy. While I know the hostel, life is not the life for everyone I must disagree when it comes to Salento. I might also be biased since it is in one of my favorite towns in the entire world, Salento Colombia. You can read on why I fell in love with this town in an earlier post here.

El Viajero Hostel in Salento is an incredibly special place and a hostel that in my mind is closer to a budget hotel. The reason I must make this broad statement is because of the stigma that a lot of hostels get for being a party scene full of drunks in 18 person dorms. Now this is a stigma for a reason, and I have stayed at plenty of party hostels and have dealt with the dorm life before. The El Viajero Hostel in Salento is the opposite of the stigma that hostels have around the world.

Now this does not mean you are staying at a hotel where you walk down a hallway into your room and do not interact with anyone. This is something I try to avoid when I travel since meeting other travelers is my favorite thing to do. The hostel offers the best of both worlds and gives you an opportunity to be comfortable while also experiencing the amazing views Salento is known for.

The Rooms

We decided to opt for a private room since in all honesty we are in an age where we just prefer to splurge for the privacy. The idea of a dorm does not appeal to me as much as it used to when I first started travelling abroad. The private rooms were spotless and decorated in the local flair which made it even nicer in my eyes. The only thing we missed at first was the lack of A/C but honestly it was not a real issue throughout our stay even in the middle of summer.

Café and Bar

The hostel has an amazing little café that offers a free breakfast and bites throughout the day. It also serves as the bar for the hostel throughout the day. The breakfast is nothing fancy and matches up with most hotels that serve a simple breakfast. Most hostels I stayed through in Colombia tend to have a local mom and pop who cook breakfast items such as eggs, toast, local juices and small items for sandwiches and cereals.

Lastly the entire atmosphere of the hostel is very calm and appreciative of the environment you are in. You are sleeping in one of the most beautiful places in Colombia so no need to distract from that.

The hostel has a lot of open spaces including the café area that is open to the elements and shows the amazing views of the surrounding mountain range.

This is one of my favorite hostels in one of my favorite towns and I cannot express how much I recommend it. If you are planning a trip to Colombia stopping in Salento is a must and this is a perfect sleeping option for any kind of traveler.

Have you been to Salento before? Any tips of favorite spots in town?

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  • The.Holidaymaker

    The views from this hostel are incredible. It’s great that there was a bit of balance for you, some privacy but also some social areas. I thinks that’s part of the appeal for people who do stay in hostels that they like the sense of community – a chance to get to know other fellow travellers.

  • Emma

    I’m like you, I’m at the age that if I’m staying in a hostel I’m getting a private room. And it’s the party atmosphere I’m not really down with. I want a good night sleep. But this is awesome that you found such a good hostel, I’ve decibel been lucky like that too and had some great stays. It’s always good to add new ones to the list for when you want that hotel feel but in a hostel with a more budget price

    • Gus

      I cannot agree enough with this, I think I value a good night sleep too much now LOL.

      I always say if you still want to party go down to the party hostel then go back to your quiet private room at the chill hostel. Win Win

  • Sarah

    I love hostels but I definitely avoid party hostels too! I’ve slowly started upgrading to private rooms too as I enjoy having room to myself to relax with my book.

    • Gus

      Have to completely agree! At a certain age the private room is just so much better and I appreciate being able to leave my bag unpacked and not have the worry about the dorm room life lol.

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