Cusco Peru Plaza de Armas
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First Time In Cusco & The Pariwana Hostel

The beginning of our trip to Peru brought us to two nights in Cusco before we synced up with Lorenzo Expeditions to start our Inca Jungle Trail Trek!

Cusco Peru Plaza de Armas

This was my first time in South America, so I was already excited and anxious about landing and figuring out how to get around in Peru. My anxiety level grew too new heights when I found out I would be flying in alone due to a conference I couldn’t miss the day before everyone would fly out. This meant I would be flying in solo to Lima to catch a connecting flight to Cusco and somehow taking a cab alone to our hostel.

Now I would say I am a pretty experienced traveler and not one to get flustered easily, but it seemed Peru wanted to make sure my travel stamina got tested. I flew into Lima after a red eye flight which I almost missed after leaving my conference late. Then two flights out of Lima to Cusco where cancelled due to “not enough passengers” which was definitely a new reason to me. Then after being forced to check in my backpack it took them forever to find it when I landed in Cusco. This was followed by what I can only describe as one of the fastest driving cab drivers I have ever ridden with. BUT the adventure is half the fun right?!

Where To Stay In Cusco Peru

Luckily this meant my friends had arrived at our hostel already and where ready to get the day started. Our first two days Cusco where spent at the Pariwana Hostel which is and will forever be one of my favorite party hostels in the world. The two days we spent there where enough yet also not enough for just how much fun we all had. The dorm room we spent our time there was rather clean and organized. This was the first time I had spent in a 12 person dorm room but it honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Now I know a lot of people tend to shy away from dorm rooms when travelling abroad but I think its something everyone should experience at least once. There is a different sense of adventure when you share a room with so many strangers. This also forces you to get out of your comfort zone and really pushes you to meet and interact with travellers you otherwise wouldn’t. While some people might not want to meet everyone at their hostel, I think making friends and sharing stories about your travel is what makes a backpacking adventure that much better than a regular trip to some all inclusive hotel in Mexico for instance.

The Reality of Backpacking

The only down side of Pariwana Hostel and one reality of backpacking that is sometimes hard to escape is the bathroom and shower situation. Now I have definitively stayed at worse places with a lot less amenities but hot water was definitely a scarcity depending when you showered and unisex bathroom/showers are not for everyone. On the other hand the beds where shockingly comfortable which is not always something you hear from the hostel life.

To our excitement and misfortune if you look at it that way, Pariwana Hostel did live up to the hype of a party hostel. They sell beer 24 hours a day and 7 days week with a bar that is pretty much run by travelers who happen to make a pit stop for a few weeks at a time there. At night the entire hostel turns into party central with a courtyard that goes from just bean bags and ping pong tables to a full bar with some of the cheapest alcohol I have ever seen!

We spent out first night at the hostel partying with newly met friends, playing ping pong and somehow in a karaoke contest at the upstairs bar in the hostel.

Cusco Peru

I could not recommend Pariwana Hostel enough to anyone looking for the best party hostel in Cusco. It is truly an experience and one that cannot be overlooked when hiking through the Gringo Trail in South America.

Have you been to Peru? Did you make it to Cusco or Lima?

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