Mountain Bike Medellin
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Mountain Biking Medellin Colombia

Mountain Biking was not on the top of our list while visiting Colombia and truthfully not something we knew was even a popular thing to do in the area. While searching for day trips around Medellin we accidentally stumbled upon the 2000M Descent website and immediately knew it had to be on our list.

We had no true idea on what to expect on this tour since we truly are not die hard mountain bikers and in all honesty have no real bike skills. But when on a South America vacation you might as well try anything that comes your way!

Setting Up The Tour

After contacting the compay and scheduling the date for our tour we where sent all the information of when and where to meet to get our trip started. The tour meets at Lleras Park in Medellin early in the morning. Here is where you will pay your fee which is nice for those who do not want to pay online before meeting the guides. The price of the tour is very reasonable at COP 300,000 which is about $100 USD. I would highly recommend to get the money the day before since my card kept getting decline the day of at the ATM but my travel partner was able to cover both of our fees.

Mountain Bike Medellin

Meeting Our Guides

The first thing I do need to say about the tour company and the team that met us that morning is just how professional and on top of everything detail they where! We had a nice lady meet us to make sure we where introduced to the team who would take us riding and answer any questions we would have. We where extremely lucky that due to riding in the middle of the week we only had one other rider with us which really made this feel like a private tour!

Leaving Medellin

Mountain Bike Medellin

Once the van was loaded we headed out of town for what took about an hour drive to the outskirts of Medellin for the start of our tour. After about an hour drive we arrived at the top of this mountain where we would start our descent! The one thing I do need to remind everyone is that if you are coming from the U.S. or Europe evey van in Colombia will feel like there is ZERO leg room. Could be the fact that I am over 6 feet tall but OMG this was a trend our entire time in Colombia and Peru.

Getting Acquainted With The Bikes

We took some time to check the bikes out, make sure that the measurements that we sent in worked for us and make any final adjustments to have the bikes fit us individually. We also where given body armor for our legs, elbows and heads. The care and detail taken to make sure we felt comfortable with our bikes was actually shocking. I was not expecting just how much attention we would get from our guides.

After some quick photos at the top we where off to start our descent down the mountain! The best part of the trip was the fact that we had a support vehicle following us the entire time which was nice to have snacks, water and all my camera gear in a safe location. We luckily never ran into any issues to where we needed the support vehicle but it was great peace of mind.

Time To Start The Descent

The ride down had some amazing views for the most part and went from semi paved roads to full blown dirt in some areas. Our guides had one at the front leading the pack and one in the rear making sure no one got left behind. We where able to stop in some areas to take photos and just enjoy the scenery since it was rather breathetaking after being in major cities for the last few days.

After a few hours of riding we stopped in this little town for lunch where we got a home cooked meal from one of the local families. The guide company helps the local town by booking all lunches through different families, which was a nice touch.

The rest of the ride was pretty smooth until one part where we had a pretty intense hill climb that in all honesty I gave up on and used the courtesy van. I have no shame and it was nice to relax while the other guys did the hill and met us ahead. This was a nice time to enjoy the mountainside and really take in the fact that we where in the middle of nowhere Colombia.

There was one part of the trip which was not planned at all and was probably the craziest part of the entire Colombia trip. It deserves its own post but I will say it involved mountain bikes, electric power lines and a brave or crazy shirtless guy LOL.

The last part of the ride down was divided into two sections one path was a pretty intense real mountain bike ride down single track slots. The other path was a more beginner appropriate ride that I definitely stuck with. My travel partner and the other guest rider went down the single tracks and both seemed to struggle to say the least after both fell quite hard.

Wrapping Up The Descent Tour

After a crazy last few miles we eventually ended where we would wrap up and head back to Medellin. The end of the ride finishes at this water park in the outskirts of this town which was shockingly fun. We where greeted by the support vehicle with cold colombian beers! We hung out at the park enjoying some more beers and giving our bodies a break after a pretty hard hitting day.

The ride back to town was a giant blur since we where just exhausted after a day of riding mountain bikes for hours on end. I cannot recommend this tour company enough and the guides went abvoe and beyond what I expect from any company taking us out to ride around in the mountains.

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