About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Gus. A 27 year old Texan and for most of my life I was a very active and competitive guy. After a foot injury during my Cross Country Junior year of High School I fell in a slump. I went from running, strength training and race meets to lounging around the house and watching TV.

When I came to college my life primarily began to focus on my social life which included a lot of partying and late night Taco Bell runs. Let’s just say this was not the best time for my body or mind. So with nights filled with partying, late night study sessions, and pretty much zero physical activity, I could see that I was letting go. I went from a low 200 pounds fit runner to my max weight a year after college graduation of 348 lbs.

So here we have the start of this blog a few months after I decided to change my life. There really is no specific event that motivated my transformation, but a collection of small events that made me realize that I had gotten too comfortable in my life. After realizing that my weeks were filled with working all day and going out all night, I made a promise to myself that I would change.

Fast forward 4 months from that day, I am pleased to say I finished my first marathon the 2014 Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon and have lost 50 pounds. While I am certainly not at the fitness level I want to reach, I feel like I am on the right path.

This blog will be a venue to document my journey and demonstrate how no matter how daunting something seems anything is possible. This journey will be much more than just weight-loss but a way to develop my body and mind through fitness, nutrition and travel!

I hope you enjoy the journey and find reap some benefits along the way 🙂