Spring Break 2017 – Part 4

Spring Break 2017 – Part 4

The final leg of our Spring Break 2017 tour took us down the Washington/Oregon Coast to Cannon Beach!

We left Seattle early morning and started driving down to Cannon Beach via Interstate 5 until the 411 Highway so we could see Astoria and the Oregon Coast. We spent some of the first leg of the trip looking around Astoria and just taking in the sights.

We stopped at Fort George Brewery since we had to keep the brewery lunches going and we weren’t going to stop at this point. The food and beer was just amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better pit stop.

We then visited the Astoria Column which gave us some of us the best views of the bay we could ask for and a bit of exercise climbing all those steps to the 125 foot top!

And the views from the ground floor where just as spectacular with one of the longest bridges we have ever crossed!

Overall Astoria was a must see stop if you are going through the Oregon Coast and a small detour I highly recommend. Once we wrapped up here, we continued on our drive down the coast to get to Cannon Beach.

We got to Cannon Beach late in the afternoon and immediately went to see Haystack Rock before we lost sunlight.


It honestly was a pretty awesome sight and had a blast just walking down the beach taking photos and having fun…Maybe a bit too much fun LOL

After having some fun on the beach we ended up at our Inn for the night which was just too cute and quaint!

We stayed at the Haystack Inn right off the main road that goes through town, which was just a perfect location.

I cannot recommend this Inn enough and they even had free DVD rental at the front office, along with free tea and coffee for the rooms!

We later spent the night getting dinner at Pelican Brewery, because come one lunch or dinner outside of a brewery just felt wrong!

Which was followed by the most interesting bar I have ever been too, or should I say hardware store with bar taps….

This has to be the only place where you could buy an inflatable pool while doing shots of tequila LOL.

Overall I cant recommend Cannon Beach enough and will definitely be back during the summer months to enjoy the beach a bit more. We lucked out and had zero rain while we where there which offered us great time to be outside and walk around.

All I know is the Pacific Northwest Rocks!!

Have you ever been down the Oregon Coast? What was your favorite part?

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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