Spring Break 2017 – Part 3

Spring Break 2017 – Part 3

The third part of the trip was our overnight adventure into Vancouver B.C. which was an amazing 24-36 hours spent in an awesome city!

This was my first time venturing into Canada and I cannot wait to make a return trip to Vancouver and hopefully Toronto, Quebec, etc. I loved being able to just drive across the border into Canada and not have to worry about too many issues. We where able to take our rental car across with use a rental insurance card that was free of charge and a nice benefit was the digital speedometer that changed to km/h instantly!

We did run into a small issue after crossing the border and that was my own fault for not rebooting my phone which made it not switch networks from the U.S. T-Mobile to I think Rogers or whatever the alternative Canadian version was. This caused us to loose GPS for a bit and a bit of confusion and loosing ourselves in the Canadian land LOL. We quickly got our bearings and made it to our hotel and home for the night.

The hotel was awesome and a last minute find on Hotwire and a great price! It was a nice location downtown which allowed us to access almost every place we wanted to go either with a quick walk or a short drive. It also offered a super nice hot tub on the tenth floor (if I remember correctly) that offered AMAZING downtown views.

We spent most of the first day checking out the sites downtown, venturing across the harbor and hitting some breweries.

Downtown Vancouver is quite an awesome place but we will say parking is ridiculously expensive! We ate lunch at Steam Works Brewing Co to keep the brewery tradition of this trip alive.

We spent the later part of the day at Granville Island which is not too far from Downtown Vancouver and has an amazing public market area. Which couldn’t be completed without a visit to another brewery!

The last part of the first night in Vancouver was concluded with dinner at Santouka. I cannot express or put in words just how amazing this ramen was. I am still in love with this place and not sure if I will ever eat better ramen than that.

To finish our Vancouver trip we ventured into the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver. It was a short drive from our hotel but definitely a worth while drive to see one of the coolest spots I have ever been too. I was not expecting such a dense forest in North Vancouver let alone one with such amazing falls and high tree tops.

The park has suspension bridges all throughout the rain forest that go through the trees and over a 230 foot drop into a rapid river below. The views from the suspension bridges are just breathtaking and climbing through the trees is just a once in a lifetime experience.

I cannot recommend the Capilano Park enough to anyone who is near Vancouver, it is worth any amount of driving.

Overall Vancouver B.C. was one of my favorite cities and one that I would love to visit again. We ended our trip in Canada after the trip to the suspension park.

We lastly had to pass by Tim Horton’s which sadly was a bit of a let down…

The next part of our journey will take us down back to Seattle and then Cannon Beach in Oregon!

Stay Tuned!

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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