Spring Break 2017 – Part 1

Spring Break 2017 – Part 1

This spring break we decided to venture to the Pacific Northwest and visit Oregon, Washington and Vancouver B.C Canada.

Now this was the first time I had ever ventured into the Pacific Northwest and into Canada, since most of my time on the West coast has been spent in California. We decided to visit some family members in Portland and Seattle to venture into a place neither of us had really gone too.

The first day was spent pretty much travelling and we didn’t arrive into Portland until well past 10pm. By the time we got our car and made it to our friends house it was time for lights out. This is our first time renting a car on our own and we got lucky getting a great price at Avis for  Jeep Renegade which was incredibly spacious and a comfortable ride.

Our first full day was spent mostly leaving Portland and driving up to Seattle. We decided to take the scenic route around Mt. Hood which added around 4 hours to our trip but was completely worth it.

The drive took us through some pretty crazy road areas with an amazing waterfall at every corner!

We went from high 70’s to snow fall all within a days drive when we got to the Timberline Lodge near the top of Mt. Hood.

The drive up the mountain was shockingly a smooth drive but definitely took me by surprise  how much snowfall they had this late in March.

The drive from Portland around Mt. Hood is a must do in my opinion if you are in the are and have a few hours to spare. Stopping at places like Latourell Falls and Vista House where just beautiful and breathe taking views.

Also if you are a beer lover like myself you will get a chance to stop at the Full Sail Brewing Company on the loop around Mt. Hood off highway 84 and enjoy a delicious beer sampling plus some of the best fish and chips I have ever had!

I cannot recommend this scenic byway enough to everyone and you will just fall in love with the surrounding nature of Portland and Mt. Hood.

Any tips or places to visit while in Portland? 

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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