Keep On The Grind

Keep On The Grind

So it is officially the end of week 2 of the Kris Gethin 8 Week Hardcore Trainer and I couldn’t be more excited to keep pushing.

I have been consistently hitting the gym Monday to Friday for weights in the morning and daily cardio sessions in the afternoon at ZYN22 or the stairmaster at the gym.  I did have a rather intense upper back pain this week so decided to stay away from ZYN22 and just do the stairmaster to give my back a rest.

The one thing due to my back issue this week is that I have been able to focus on my recovery after each workout to make sure I am taking care of myself. This week I have definitely upped my cryo-sauna sessions and even added Normatec Compression Boots to keep my legs fresh as can be!

It was the first time I have ever used these boots and I must say I am a believer. I would love to be able to own a pair but I cannot justify the price for my own. At the moment my cryo-sauna company includes a free session after every freeze so I will just keep rocking them there.

I still need to make small improvement to my diet but overall I am pretty happy with how my weekly meals go but my weekends are still a bit all over the place. I do my best to stick to my macros but overall I could be tighter with it.

The one big change I have done this week and will keep doing is having extra meals on hand at home and also taking two meals to work instead of just one big one. I have noticed that having two small meals during the day keeps my cravings under control and I actually feel like I am forcing myself to eat but still keep my calories low.

What tips do you have to keep your macros in check? How do you curve that weekend to keep on track with your goals!

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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