First Week In The Books

First Week In The Books

My first full week of following Kris Gethin’s 8 Week Hardcore Trainer is in the books and I couldn’t feel better!

This week has been a complete change of pace to how my usual workouts have gone but I couldn’t be happier with how I am feeling and I know the results are coming. I followed Kris’s workout routine almost to the key but supplemented some exercises since my gym doesn’t have certain machines.

I have also edited his cardio regimen since I have an obsession with ZYN22 a spin studio in Dallas-Fort Worth that just makes me feel amazing every time. I am doing spin class around 5 days a week right now and will see how that needs to be adjusted depending on how my body feels.

At the moment I am still doing cardio on the days that I do not do ZYN22 and that normally means I am on the stairmaster aka the death machine. I swear I sweat out all the water in my body with just 20 minutes on that piece of cardio.

I have also started going to cryosauna sessions on a regular basis to help fight inflammation and keep those DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) away. It has been a blessing to have one nearby where I live that is also affordable enough to attend regularly during the month. If you haven’t had a chance to try a cryo session yet, I highly recommend one asap! I swear I feel amazing every time I leave that place and my skin looks great!

Lastly I have also been making big strides in eating healthier and tracking everything that I eat through MyFitnessPal. Keeping track of everything really helps put in perspective just how much somethings cost in calories and also how satisfying some low calorie foods can be. I have really been pushing to up my greens intake by have a smoothie each and everyday without excuse.

We will see what the scale says this week but so far I am confident that keeping Kris Gethin’s strength program, with ZYN22 and tracking my macros will get me to my desired results.

The other part of this is making sure that I am doing something that I can sustain long term and not just crank it out for a week or two before burning out. This time around I am committing to making a lifestyle change that sticks so I don’t end up burning out at the gym and starving myself in the kitchen.

What are you doing to keep your health goals in check? Are you aiming for a lifestyle change this year?

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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