Discipline vs. Motivation

Discipline vs. Motivation

Has anyone ever told you that they need have found the motivation to get back in shape or maybe to go after that promotion at work? Lately I have been hearing a lot of people around me talk about motivation being the main factor they need to get that summer body or accomplish some goal they have in mind. And lately I have been realizing how wrong they are in what they actually need.

See motivation is a short term fix for what tends to be a bigger problem for many. Motivation can get you to the gym early in the morning for a few days but honestly that fire will die down. Motivation might make you be early for work and stay late a few days in a row but that will also reach its turning point relatively soon. Motivation is there at the beginning but it will not get you across that finish line or push you to keep hitting the gym after Spring Break hits.

I have slowly come to realize that we need something more than just motivation and that something more is discipline. It seems almost common sense to think that discipline is what will get you to your goals but many including myself skip this step. See without the constant small improvements you will never get to the goals you want. As one of my spin instructors said, “Intention without action is just a good idea”, see we will have great ideas on getting fit or getting that job promotion but almost no one plans on how to achieve it.

We all run off that quick burning desire to run a marathon or get a six pack, so for a few days or even a month we starve ourselves and do 1,000 crunches or even run 6 days a week. Somehow we think that by doing everything at once we will get to this goal we have in our minds but really we are just burning ourselves out. What we really need to be doing is creating a plan and putting that plan to action. Having an idea without a plan of action wont get you to day 90 or 120.

This is why I have decided to start working on my plan for the rest of the month and make this one stick. Discipline in hitting certain tasks everyday is what will get me to my marathon running level, its what will get me to my triathlon level and is what will get me to my desired fitness level.

Creating small habits every single day is key to keeping these long term goals going instead of falling off the wagon after a week. I have been very successful with this in the past but have also learned how easy it is to become compliant and create excuses once you loose that burning fire that is motivation.

Starting today I will put away my excuses and start on my strength training regimen that I have been putting off for two weeks. This will be supplemented with ZYN22 as my cardio 3-4 times a week, along with either running or swimming to balance off the HIIT cardio with steady state cardio.

ZYN22 Post Bliss!

I will be going more in depth in a later post on all details on my strength training plan and want to keep myself accountable through this blog.

What are you goals for the rest of the year? Let me know below!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and keep sticking to those goals!

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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