Summer Shredding 2017

Summer Shredding 2017

So it is official I have joined Christian Guzman Alphalete Summer Shredding 2017 competition!

I am so excited to join this Summer Shredding challenge and see what I can accomplish over the next 90 days. I am figuring out my plan of action and how I will be getting in the best shape of 2017 by summer time.

At the moment I do think I will keep doing ZYN22 5 days a week since it just provides a great form of cardio that I cannot beat anywhere else.

Now that I have my cardio out of the way my next challenge will be to decide on gym weights versus something like P90X3. The attraction of P90X3 is the specific time allotment that I have to account for but it does limit what I can do. The upside of going to the actual gym is the options that I have in choosing workouts and everyday at the gym can be focused on weight-lifting instead of mixing cardio with weights.

I have decided to start the challenge with actual gym visits and going off a basic online plan that covers a 4 day split:

  • Monday – Chest & Biceps
  • Tuesday – Back & Abs
  • Thursday – Shoulders, Triceps & Abs
  • Friday – Legs

This split is a rough layout of how my gym time will look and as I switch gyms in the near future it will definitely change to adapt to what equipment I have access too. The last part of my gym split that I am working on is the time of day I want to do it, since I love getting it done early in the morning but hate working out on an empty stomach. I might end up switching around to 3 days in the morning and 1 day in the weekend for weights but we will see how the next two weeks go.

Now onto the most important part of Summer Shredding, the actual dieting portion. I am planning on going back to counting my macros using IIFYM and tracking via MyFitnessPal. I have had great success in the past using macros as my main method of tracking nutrition but will definitely have to get back on the wagon.

If you have never had experience with counting macros it is by hands the easiest way of tracking your nutrition and being able to eat a flexible diet. Learning about counting macros and flexible dieting was the big change that got me through my first 50lb weight loss. This was mainly due to the fact that I could eat things outside of my meal prep and go out on weekends as long as I stayed within my given macros for that day. I will be going into more depth on this subject later but wanted to lay out my main nutrition plan.

I cannot wait to see how this journey goes and I know it will bring some amazing changes to my body!

Do you have any major summer shredding plans? Have you tried any diet or flexible dieting in the past?

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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