Getting Back To The Grind

Getting Back To The Grind

Over the last two weeks since I originally posted about the Summer Shredding 2017 challenge quite a few things have happen. I ended up going on vacation for a full week and came back to an insane amount of projects due at work. This has definitely thrown my diet and fitness regimen into a bit of a tail spin but we are slowly putting it back together.

I have been trying to keep with workout buts my lifting routine has definitely not been what I had planned. The one thing that has stayed consistent is my ZYN22 cycling classes that I have been going regularly. I did miss that entire week that I was out but there was not much I could do about that with being on the road so much. And to be honest I completely ate everything in site and drank at breweries pretty much everyday… Oops!!! FYI I will be posting about the trip soon and go into detail on everywhere we went!

Now to jump back into the details on how the rest of March and April will look, I do want to commit to a few things that I know will have some drastic impact. I do want to commit to keeping ZYN22 as a weekly routine and keep going at least 4-5 times a week. This is my preferred cardio at the moment and honestly just makes me too happy for me to skip it. I do plan on doing some steady state cardio such as the elliptical or treadmill 1-2 times a week since it does work a different part of my cardiovascular system and is not just HIIT cardio all the time.

There will be a later article on HIIT cardio/workouts versus just steady state cardio which I think are vital to a healthy body and a well rounded fitness routine. Along with that I do plan on adding running to my workouts later on, at least once a week probably starting in April since the weather is just getting amazing in Texas.

The second part that I want to commit to for next few weeks is adding my lifting routine at least 3 times a week. This has been a hard thing for me to add since my apartment gym is quite small and fills up quickly and when I move I wont have a gym for a few days until I get a new membership. Hopefully within the week I am settled and have a new gym to call home and start hitting the weights. I am looking at Bill Phillip’s Back to Fit routine from CLICK HERE due to it being very time efficient and to the point while I build my base back up. The routines are around 25-30 minutes long and are split into upper and lower body splits.

After next month most likely I am honestly looking at something like Kris Gethin’s Hardcore 12 week training or 12 week Muscle Builder. Honestly the first time I went through a weight-loss phase, Kris Gethin workouts and nutrition really made a difference in that 50lb weight-loss. I am hoping getting back into his routine and mentality gets me back on that train.

The last part I am working for the rest of March and April is focusing on my macros and overall nutrition. I have always been able to keep a decent macro log and meal prep during the work week but fall apart Friday night to Sunday afternoon. My focus will be on starting to track my calories and macros on a daily basis, even if I am not hitting my numbers I want to get in the habit of just tracking everything. The reason for this is to have the data to know where I need to work on to make sure I can cut things out or switch things around. I do think weekends will still be my biggest hit each time but if I can at least start being mindful of what I eat on weekends that will make an impact.

Keep an eye out for the travel posts coming up next week and some in-depth posts on tracking calories/macros as well as HIIT vs Steady State Cardio workouts!

Sneak peak of the travel posts from Vancouver, Canada!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and keep sticking to those goals!

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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