Yoga, Beer and Other Weekend Shenanigans

Yoga, Beer and Other Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was the first time I ever tried yoga in public or in any type of group setting. Now I have always been hesitant of a group yoga practice but lets just say the beer made it a bit easier to shake the fear away. I have practiced yoga at home through YouTube channels and websites like but have always refrained from any group practice.

The yoga practice was at Wild Acre Brewery a new brewery in Fort Worth, Texas that has become one of my new favorites.

The practice was setup before the brewery opens at 12 noon and lasted around an hour and a half. The practice cost $15 which included 2 free beers and included a $5 donation to yoga in the community. The yoga studio hosting the practice was Kamany Yoga in Fort Worth which offers free yoga to the community and runs a donation based studio. I have heard of Karmany Yoga before since I actually lived next door to one of the studios during my college years.

I highly recommend anyone in Fort Worth to stop by Wild Acre Brewery for one of the Saturday yoga sessions and trust me you wont regret it!

February has so far been a great month for fitness where I not only got to try yoga at a brewery but was able to hit up the new Soul Cycle studio in Dallas, TX with some coworkers!

While I am a huge fan of indoor cycling, I was a bit let down by Soul Cycle and honestly doubt I will be back. I had a lot of issues with the bike, the room being extremely cramped and the music just not being as fun as I was hoping. After months of going to ZYN22 my expectations of what an indoor cycling class should look like are very high. I hope to try a few other places in Dallas like FlyWheel so hopefully I find some other alternatives, if not ZYN22 is still my go to after work spot.

Lastly it is my birthday month so I am excited to see what shenanigans I can get into but also excited to keep pushing my goals for the rest of the month and keep going strong!

I do have some plans to go in depth into my meal prep soon and also about my big Spring Break trip coming up in a few weeks!

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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