White Christmas In Colorado

White Christmas In Colorado

Now I know this post is quite delayed and for some reason I am just now getting around to write about my White Christmas in Aspen, Colorado.

This is not my first time in Aspen or this mountain area of Colorado, but every time I go back it steals my heart a little more. This winter we spent our Winter Break between Aspen, Basalt, Snowmass and Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

We tried to knock out as much as we could in our two weeks there while also enjoying some down time to relax and recover our minds and bodies. The first few days we just spent it walking through Basalt a quaint little town outside of Aspen where some family lives. Its a gorgeous place and one I definitely love spending time in.


After a few days of relaxing in Basalt we couldn’t help but spend a day shopping around Aspen and even visiting Soul Cycle for their pop up show in Aspen!

After some relaxing days we hit the slopes to only end up getting altitude sickness which made for a very short snowboarding day but fun nonetheless.

While we ended  up with a short day on the slopes it was a fun day either way. I haven’t been snowboarding in years and forgot how much fun it can actually be. Sadly I did find out how quickly altitude can derail a trip, when my body pretty much said “Nope!” and I was winded the entire time there.

The highlight of the trip though was my first visit ever to a natural hot spring in Glenwood Springs. These hot springs are right on the river bank and set you up for an amazing view of the snow capped mountains while you relax in 100+ degree water!

I cannot wait to go back to Colorado hopefully this summer, since every time I make my way there I fall more in love with that state. The amount of outdoor activities, small towns and just breathtaking scenery make it a very unique place.

I cannot recommend enough for everyone to make a trip to Colorado and just explore everything it has to offer.

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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