Turning Late Twenties

Turning Late Twenties


It is a bit hard to imagine that I am turning 28, especially since I just don’t feel 28! It is definitely an interesting time in my life and I am excited for so many changes coming my way. I am excited to finally know what makes my happy and investing the time and energy in “Me Time” to focus on my nutrition, diet and adventure travel.

In the last year I have traveled more places that I could have ever imagined and 2017 already has some great places scheduled such as Oregon, Washington and Canada! I will definitely be taking the blog along for the ride and will be putting time in to document as much as I can of the entire way. I missed some great shots from Aspen, Colorado this winter break but that will not happen again.

I was excited to spend my 28th birthday with some great friends hitting up my favorite breweries in Fort Worth.

The crowds where out at full force this weekend, probably due to the amazing weather that hit the DFW area with temps in the high 70s and low 80s!!


I couldn’t have asked to spend the weekend with better friends or with better beer choices than Rhar Brewery and Wild Acre Brewery. The food options at both places where amazing like they usually are with hot dog stands, pizza shops and taco vendors.

Overall I keep realizing the older I get the more life experiences I crave, I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for me but if the trips we are planning all go through I know this will be a year for the  books! I am falling in love with the process of visiting, exploring and capturing new places. And I know there are far too many places left for me to see to ever be content with where I have been.

I hope to start sharing itineraries and plans for the Spring Break trip ASAP as well as go in depth into the planning process for these trips and gear that I take on them.

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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