Keeping The 2017 Push Alive

Keeping The 2017 Push Alive

With so many things happening in our daily lives, many of us fail to set aside that time every day for ourselves. It is almost looked down upon to be a bit selfish about your “Me” time that I think is vital to everyone. In a hope to combine my goals this year with my self happiness I have made my workout time my “Me” time. This means I am pretty selfish when it comes to making my morning weight sessions as well as making my ZYN22 spin classes on a  daily basis. This year I have put my fitness goals front and center, since I have noticed not only do they make me healthier physically but also mentally.

My current setup has me hitting the weights 3 times a week in the mornings around 5am with a Chest/Tris, Back/Bis and Legs/Shoulders routine that I am loving. I also am throwing in abs 2-3 days a week to make sure I do not miss the always important core but also training it just like I would any other muscle group (aka not everyday!).

This is supplemented with an afternoon ZYN22 spin class at least 3 to 4 times a week. Currently I am doing doubles on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays.

I will definitely go into detail later on Zyn22 and why it has become a new obsession for me. It is seriously sweat therapy and just makes you feel like you can dominate the world after every class.

Setting a schedule that works around my work schedule has been the best step to guarantee I cannot create excuses to miss a workout. For afternoon workouts I make a point to go straight to the gym or ZYN22 in order to not get home and create excuses for why I can skip a workout. For morning workouts I make sure to have my clothing laid out and ready to go to minimize decision making in the morning.

My nutrition has also been a big focus lately by taking as much guess work out of my weekly schedule. My Sunday meal prep gets me ready for a full work week of healthy meals and healthy snacks. To make sure I limit any urges to binge on processed foods and keep my caloric intake at a specific tracked level.

The last thing I have added this month is a regimen of vitamins and fish oils by Universal Nutrition. At the moment I take Animal Pak and Animal Omega which I will go into detail on results and changes that I notice.

Overall I am super excited with the progress I have made so far in 2017 and hope to keep sticking and tweaking my schedule as time goes on. The big change for me will still come in my eating habits since that has always been the hardest thing to change in my past. I do have some plans that I will share later on regarding meal prep, recipes and macro counting.

As always happy adventures and keep pushing yourself!

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